awww I love getting cute goodnight texts from no one

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That was definitely the most brutal shift I’ve worked in forever.

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"His breath tasted of smoke. A smoke that left me high as we locked lips that Saturday night. Our lips weren’t the only things locking that night. Each time we went in for a kiss, our eyes locked. My pulse raced as he swept my hair to the side and kissed my neck. I wanted more. I was addicted."Sher, Bad boy, good lips (via -prosetry)

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I’m headed to bed.

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Also, in other news, I got new spectacles today, and my first pair of prescription sunglasses. 

There will be pictures once they come in next week! 

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I really like the piece I’ve written for tonight for my writing blog

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I need to be wildly made out with.

Sorry, for the kissing posts. Told you I need to be kissed.

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